Friday, December 15, 2006

Fashion Knitware - music video

Last term i was asked to create a video for the end of year Fashion Knitwear degree show.
The only specifications were that it had to be made up of footage of the students working and it had to last around ten minutes.
I spent a day filming the students creating their clothing in the studios at Bonington and then edited a ten minute short which was used as a back-drop projection as people were entering the show room and taking their seats.
I also produced a short music video which I suggested could be used as an actual opener to the show. The students accepted it and it was the video was the first creation that the audience saw on the night.
I think the videos were a large success as they met the criteria (and added criteria) to a degree show of a very high standard. The videos showed the a glimpse of some of the extremely hard work that went into the creation of the knitwear and I was proud to add something to a show which had an excellent production standard.
Click below to see the music video
(large file - may take a minute to load)
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joolsayodeji said...

i didnt recognise the audio as music initially and really liked it but thought timing was a bit off, then realised it was bjork and thought you did a good job. made me think how much better it would have been with soem original music though.

did it go down well?

Adam said...

Yeah - it had a good reaction from the students.
When i look at it now I think it is sooo 'rough around the edges' and quite funny in places. I hope that adds to its charm ....
I agree It would have been better with original music. the night had lots of music by various artists and it was all borrowed, well known stuff by female artists (bit of a girl power theme) so bjork was appropriate for that reason. Also the track has machine sounds in it that were good for mimicking what was happening in the shots.
Thanks for comments