Saturday, January 26, 2008

Career research

After my discussion with Jools and Simon about my portfolio and defining career direction I looked into some ads.
I found this one on :

This is interesting for me as it is requiring Flash animation skills and video editing - two of the things that I am most adept at. (It is in Australia though so i won't be applying).

This also sounds interesting for a long term future type job:

I am thinking of splitting the main page of my online portfolio into two sections though - video and Flash, as most branding & advertising companies seem to look for 1 or the other and not both Flash and video.

I saw a report on TV that said there is a direct correlation between the low happiness level of a nation and the high level of advertising it is exposed to. (UK having the highest level of adverts exposed to each person and lowest level of happiness). Do I want to be a part of that, is a good question.
So I am also looking into joining a convent and devoting my life to God as I bet it's such an easy simple life and two elderly ladies who knocked on my door said it would be good for me.

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