Thursday, September 17, 2009

2D 3D desktop virtual prototype thing

Applying the images to a 3D design was suggested by a friend of mine. These photos show a virtual mock up made from printed illustrations, spray mounted to foam board. 
The immediate problem with the design is that as a desktop item, it demands a function simply because it takes up a large space on a table.

This is a nice problem to have because it always bothered me slightly that what I have been creating is decorative fine art; subject to dismissal in more cash strapped times. As someone once put it, it's nice to make something useful (even if it is still ridiculously ornate).

The design creates four 'rooms' which got me excited about having a house full of slightly sinister things going on; tentacle like vines creeping from the wardrobe, crocodiles crawling out from the toilet. The illustrations will definitely change as I develop the 'thing' into a more functional appliance. I'm thinking lamp stand....? 
Designs created in Illustrator:

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