Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Insect repellent advert PRODUCTION

These are a selection of on set photos from the advert production that happened last night.

Good things about the shoot:
  1. It was a good learning experience in realising alternatives to ways of shooting certain scenes.
  2. It was useful to hear other ideas from cast/crew not just for the scenes filmed but for alternate scene ideas along the same theme.
  3. The location was perfect aesthetically and had a luxurious amount of space.
  4. It was fun dressing Matt Choules up as a fly.
Bad things about the shoot:
  1. My 1st choice Fly cancelled due to a foot injury.
  2. 2nd choice Flies were not available.
  3. 1st choice crew had to step in to be the Fly and so I was one crew man short.
  4. Scenes that I thought were straight forward turned out to be technically tricky to film. (This is also good point number 1)
  5. There seemed to be no ideal way to light the set in terms of creating the correct mood.
  6. Getting all the elements for production to fall together on one evening was stressful.
The film is now also captured and ready t edit.

1 comment:

rebecca said...

Ha Ha Ha,

Very funny to see Matt dressed up as a fly! I liked your final edit. I think it worked well and the voiceover was at just the right level. Also liked you cuts between shots, quite effective.

Nice one.