Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Research project progress

My Research project so far went something like this:

  • Lots of reading and writing around the subject of TV advertising.
  • Finalising an idea around the title "Examining mood and style created by choice of sound and image in audio visual advertising"
  • Having the idea rejected by my tutor.
  • Reforming the idea with tutors advice around the title "Advertising's progression with Web 2.0: An exploration of content, style and interactivity"
This title has stuck so far and research now consists of exploring the current state of internet advertising concentrating on rich media.
After reading a good deal more from some of the sources below, I have concentrated my searches on defining interactivity on the web and asking why it is wanted (or if it is wanted). I also like the questions of ethics and psychology of ads in the form they take on the web. Reading so far has revealed that a lot of time has been spent by ad agencies on tricking the web surfer in order to get 'click through' success.
By broadening my topics to the areas described above I have felt more relaxed about the project and confident about writing.

Sources so far:
  • (journal of interactive advertising)
  • Advertising by Tony Yeshin
  • Electronic Commerce by Gary Schneider
  • The Soul Of The New Consumer by David Lewis & Darren Bridger
  • The Virtual Dimension Edited by John Beckman
  • Design Research by Brenda Laurel
  • The language of New Media by Lev Manovich
  • Online journals:
    Marketing Theory.
    Media, Culture and Society.
    Television and New Media.

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