Monday, November 12, 2007

Client Project Progress

Following an evaluation of a rough edit by Debs several problems have been identified.

See Storyboard here
The main problem is with the lack of suggestion of the passing of time between 1 scene and the next. The time passing between scenes needs to be roughly 2 minutes. So, too short a period of time for a fadeout and also needs to happen too early on in the ad for a fadeout as that would ruin the pace.

What I plan to do is to create a 1/4 second burst of
static and noise that mimics a channel being changed on an old TV. This could be used in between every scene that requires passage of time suggestion. This is a relevant solution as the TV featured in the ad is a retro TV which really does make this static burst.
The below video demonstrates the visual static i am talking about.

I have also edited in a short scene of the fly changing the channel on the retro TV (much to the mans annoyance) so aesthetically this can all link in. Granted - the audience may not notice this link but it makes me feel better about making this change.
In trying to solve this problem I have edited in a montage of very short scenes in what is frame 3 on the storyboard. This in part solves another problem that I have - the video has a lack of variety of shots and feels a bit flat as a result. The montage section livens things up a good deal and accentuates the build up of the man being irritated. I hope it also reinforces the way the passage of time should be read by the audience.
I will try and find an example of how this channel change technique has been used before and post a link.

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Deb said...

Great it looks like you have a solution for your transitions.