Sunday, December 02, 2007

Client short follow up - Static & Noise example

Moon Shot UK by James Harris

A good example of the use of static and noise to depict time elapse of an undetermined length:

It's actually very convincing transmission break up with varying degrees of static, flicker, buzz and white noise.
Will try to find out from the makers how it was achieved.

I got my static burst in Insect Repellent from an old VHS tape which has break up between programs. I recorded it from VHS to Mini DV and then captured into Premier. Problems arose during the transfer because the player seemed to automatically cut out static break up in order to keep quality high. Luckily for me this cleaning process is not perfect and a short burst - maybe 1 second - was recorded onto the DV tape. This was enough to use in the advert.
A more controlled and deliberate creation of the affect (as I presume was done in the above "Moon Shot" video) would be what I would want if I were to use the affect again.

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