Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Insect Repellent Advert - Finished version

Right click and open in new tab on the still above to see a low quality version of the film.

Production thanks to:
Edward Allan - actor
Matt Choules - acting and crewing
Russell Tanham - Voice acting and foley
Adrian Snodgrass - use of flat at an inconvenient time

What I need to find out is how to convert video clips into web friendly versions without loosing so much quality. The horizontal lines that appear during movement seem to be a familiar characteristic that occur after file converting.
I tried using an AVI to SWF converter which was a bit more dynamic than Flash itself but still did not achieve the required level of quality.
See any depict shortlist ( for a good bench mark of what the level of quality should be.

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PEZ said...

nice to see my old mate Rusty is still alive and kicking, all the best for 2008!