Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Personal Research Project

This research examines the use of the word, ‘interactivity’, in order to come to an understanding of what this word means within advertising on today’s World Wide Web.
In outlining the current changeability and progression seen through the advancement of web 2.0 characteristics, what is identified is also the new direction of interactivity that advertising will take in social networking.
Interactivity is shown to be a complex and all-encompassing engagement of any media, which in the case of internet advertising, the report divides down into two descriptions: physical and psychological. What becomes apparent is that a broad understanding of interactivity already exists due to the presence of some rich media adverts which make reasonably advanced use of both physical and psychological definitions. In addition to the more playful interaction previously seen in adverts, the increasing use of network sites opens up new possibilities for conversation between brand and consumer.

Click on the image below to link to the finished project pdf:

Thank you to Laura Bolt for proof reading skills.

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