Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Research Artifact Number 1

First Artifact will be a web page advert using still photos in which the user determines the narrative/aesthetic course that the advert takes. Depending on what area of the image is selected should determine the next photo seen.
Whatever direction taken; what should be revealed in the final shot is the product or logo.
Ideas for the actual aesthetics/content include:

Stop motion idea
Bird's eye view shots of trinkets (jewelery, Lego, action men, string etc) which move to combine and form the shape of the product being advertised using stop motion animation.
Watch the above video by PlanB. The shots from above - like the opening shot with the ball of cotton that reveals the PlanB logo - could be simple scenes to mimic. However, it is not obvious how to make a non-linear scene and I need to figure out how this could be done.

Bedroom scene
Shots that gradually reveal more of a saucy bedroom scene (will it be saucy or will it show something unexpected?).
The challenge will be in finding out the ActionScript needed in producing a non-linear set of shots and this will be what I will investigate over the Christmas break. I would also like to have all of the photographs taken and be ready to post produce the advert.

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