Sunday, December 16, 2007

Live Client Project

Click above to link to General Store.

Following a meeting with Graham of General Store a few underlying principles have been established that must be adhered to in the production of the advert .
Key bits:
  • (a visit is an) Experience
  • Finding things out - Learning
  • Ethical sources
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Specialist in hard to find items

The store must be set apart from main stream coffee shops - General Store customers do not tend to be Star Bucks customers - and the store should capitalize on a feeling of loss of identity that coffee shops like Star Bucks are suffering from (

General Store has real advantages in it's character and quirkiness. The store is eclectic in it's presentation and Graham notes that the layout of the store is designed to reveal surprises along the way as you walk through.
The sort of items stocked are intended to provide customers with all the items in order to be self sufficient in their coffee/tea making. For instance grinders,
percolators, stove tops, containers, etc are stocked. This is a deliberate attempt to make people more knowledgeable and progressive in their consumption habits. Books are a big part of the store and the web site also has a 'guru' explaining thousands of words and terms used in the coffee/tea/chocolate worlds.
Graham prides himself on his ability to cater for people looking to avoid or find certain ingredients.

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