Tuesday, January 08, 2008

PRP Artifact #01

My first artifact is to be an interactive web advert. After looking into stop motion animation, and then having a go at a short animated video I set out to make an advert using the Oxfam logo.

The reasons behind these choices are as follows:

Making a stop motion video requires a still camera which I had over the Christmas break and so I could begin the artefact before starting term 2.

The rambling aesthetic stop motion creates suits the materials I used which in tern suits an advert for a second hand shop.

The concept is an old school work desk littered with bits of bric-a-brac, some of which spell out the Oxfam logo. The pieces scatter and it is the users job to form them up again Into the logo.

Following my literature reviews new found understandings of interactivity I plan to centre the entire advert on the desk and the items on it in an attempt to engross the users attention fully on a small world of bric-a-brac. ActionScript Programming will also play its part and is still under way.

Certain underlying principles of web design (as taught by Snodgrass in year2: accessibility, low file sizes etc) will not be achieved by this artifact. I am deciding to ignore these on the basis that this is an experimental element of the project that just deals with ideas of interactivity within an area of personal interest - brand design.

Test video: I created this purely to realise the process needed for non-digital stop motion to work within Flash, and is an indication of aesthetics to come in the finished advert.

Advert base:

With buttons:

With buttons and video:

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