Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Multimedia Portfolio

I have started making an online Multimedia portfolio which can be found here:

What it actually is, is a homepage which links to individual pages that hold my videos and other bits of web work. Most of these pages already existed and can be found within this journal.
I should also point out that it needs lots of work:
  • for one thing the pages containing videos need proper control panels, and I need to balance load time Vs picture quality.
  • Also lots of little things like having the links open in new Tabs instead of replacing the homepage.
  • I would also like to make the homepage look and feel more friendly and personable.
After showing the page to Jools and Simon they both pointed out that what is needed is a clear strategy for what should be included in the portfolio. They suggested looking into job adverts, seeing what sort of things are demanded by the area of jobs I want to apply to and then amend the portfolio accordingly.
So, I need to look at job titles, bite the bullet and think about post Uni existence.............. I think I'll do an MA ;¬]

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