Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Client Project progress

Had my proposal presentation with Deb Tuck today. Went well mostly although managed to fumble the order of things and muck up PowerPoint. Good things were said but it is Deb's concerns that i want to document. First, I should show the storyboard and sound plan:

The storyboard shows a conveyor belt with various items rolling into view. The belt is erratic and the crockery keeps clinking. The room is noisy as the narrator calls out the items that come along - he/she is obviously bored.
When different items start rolling into view the narrator is at first surprised then excited. The noise dies down and seconds later is replaced by up beat piano music; the items are sparkling and all
of a sudden colourful; the conveyor belt becomes smooth. The items progress into representing experience - the main element of General Store - smelling, tasting, learning or just looking.
This means that we have a crescendo of noise and shambolic movement followed by a sudden calming, rhythm and sparkle. This is also reflected in the sound design below.

Main concerns are that the progression around 13 - 18 seconds of the 30 second advert will not be realised well enough. The viewer needs to properly understand that when the feeling changes in the advert to be sparkling and upbeat; this relates to the good things that the shop represents and has on offer.
Hope that wasn't too badly explained.
The voice actor and music should ensure that this is not a concern but the visuals must play their part in the transition aswell.
Another concern was that the monotone colour is too flat and boring. A more colourful pallet should be adopted to accentuate the transition. This can be added without detracting from the brand pushing that the add is doing. (the design all stems from the store logo).

Sample can be found HERE!!!

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