Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Research project Progress

It isn't until I have finalised artefact 1 and 2 that I have come to really understand what i am researching by making them.
The artefacts are about console and interactivity, but as I have said previously, it is the interactivity of the visual and audio play between the user and environment that they are presented with (see Guiness ad). It is not about the interactivity of giving more user control (differing, non-linear creating options - see aveaword). This second type could be tested in future artefacts.

The ads and the questionnaire are up (see here) and I have posted the link to 20 facebook friends as a guinea pig test. 1 response from a user was that it all seemed to work ok and that the process I created was not confusing. This is good news.

I really want to keep going with testing interactivity via the play of visuals and audio but also combine it with the user control element. The next was artefact was intended to be a player that gave the user different AV clips and enabled them to edit their own advert around a given theme. This could be great fun as stuff I have made in the past has been exciting when audio has been laid over the top of visuals without knowing what the outcome will be.
By chance I have stumbled on something which does exactly what I have described:
The Sweeney Todd website has a cut your own trailor section and I think it's pretty good: SWEENEY

Replicating it might be difficult - I might do a media night with friends - maybe I could control a adobe premiere time-line while they told me where to place the clips maybe...


Simon said...

I'm glad that you're getting into your research project. What you seem to be describing is a classic case of projection:
BTW. making a tool for users to interactively edit a sequence of clips is actually not that difficult (in theory). You basically just need to create two arrays - one as the superset of clips and one as the subset of chosen content. Ideally you might use Flash but initially you might use JavaScript of PHP to do a proof-of-concept with still photos.

Simon said...

Also you might want to look at this parody of the ex-prime minister of Australia: