Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Fire Factory music video shoot

Fire Factory shot their music video in the green screen room at Waverly. I and a few others took the chance to be runners.
In the morning this meant lugging a lot of equipment up the stairs and helping to set it up; I hadn't shot in the green room so just setting up was a good learning experience. The lighting was varied as it included 2 batteries of daylight fluorescent strip tubes. They were used to create dramatic, futuristic reflections in the sun-glasses of the lead artist.
I popped back in for the afternoon to see the actual filming underway. This meant staying quiet and out of the way but that was fine - just watching was a good insight.
The Fire Factory people tolerated us students well enough and I don't think we got under foot too much. We may have even made their jobs a bit easier!
The director has also promised that we can also take a look at the post production work at the studio. Am very much looking forward to this.


Rahoul said...

wow man this looked like a great opportunity to learn sum interesting stuff! Have you seen the final version yet?

james said...

is that guy lithuanian pop singer?

Adam said...

No, but we have now been invited to look at the edit process. Not sure what is happening with that though ... no follow up from the producer yet.
The guy is from Israel I think.