Monday, February 11, 2008

SPP - Career direction

Through the third year I have specialised in AV production and Flash animation, however the overall direction that I have intended for both Client and Research projects is branding and advertising. I feel that I am building a strong portfolio to support this with my work with the General Store Advert and Web 2.0 interactive advertising being the focus of my research literature review and artefacts.

I have been concerned with not having specialised in just one firm area. I can do Video production but am no expert camera operator; I can do Flash animation but have a great deal to learn with ActionScript. Knowing this helps define my mid term goals:

  • Learn more ActionScript, particularly in conjunction with using sound and embedded video within Flash.
  • Keep developing interface creating skills (yet more Flash but also Adobe Encore)
  • Get more Video production experience (remake White Rabbit..?)

Having randomly met some people in the branding and advertising areas within the East midlands, and also some small time film producers and runners, I am more and more confident that companies exist in the east midlands that my skills could cater for. Although, in the main people working in film are specialist in their areas and the industry requires individuals to have specific skills. If I had to define my main area of expertise in AV I would probably say editing.

However, I like to think that being on a Multimedia course I have played it just right – I am not an expert cameraman or a web Flash specialist – I am a Multimedia designer: capable of creative ideas carried through from conception to implementation across a variety of media.
Whatever that means…

Possible specific routes post uni:

  • Fire Factory and the like would be fantastic to work for.
  • Other possible routes: Setting up and heading a similar company making music/corporate videos and advertising. Would need a camera crew and a 3D animator or two.
  • Part time MA in Motion Graphics as a lead to lecturing.

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