Thursday, March 20, 2008

Client Project progress: Music recording session

On Monday I had Bonnington studio hired out for recording the music that accompanies the General Store advert. It went well; with several variations of style and length recorded. I had used Nina Simone's "My Baby Just Cares For Me" as a pointer to what I had in mind. This proved to set a high standard that was difficult to match, and obviously we couldn't simply copy the track. However, I was happy that we had a lot of recording that could potentially be used and the edit is looking good so far.
Thanks go to Henry Cole for being sound engineer and pressing the right buttons. It is down to him that we got such a clean and clear sound with expert microphone selection: one true stereo Mic and two mono mics were used to create four tracks of sound which were mixed together to create a single stereo track. The streo mic was put up to the piano strings and the two other mics were placed in a triangular formation further back in the room in order to capture the reverberations of the sound as they bounce around the room.
Thanks also to Asha Patel for her piano playing skills.

This clip is just for fun and not an indication of the finished music:

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