Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Reseach Artefact Number 5

Artefact 5 examines web access from DVDs as an extension of a branded feature such as a film.
After researching the software that enables DVDs to have embedded hyperlinks in the menus, I discovered that it is a troublesome feature,
See this:
and this (nice use of sarcasm) :
The problems sounded like technical glitches that the software developers had no appetite to fix. This lack of appetite may be to do with the DVD industries belief that people just don't watch DVDs on systems that have internet access.
I couldn't think of a DVD that I had watched that had this feature so I created a short
questionnaire asking people if they had experienced web access from DVDs and if so what it was like. See this survey.
I also set about creating my own DVD with Studio Pro which uses apples DVD@ccess applet. The other option seems to be Adobe Encore which has no ability itself to include hyperlinks and relies on Sonic eDVD to be used in conjunction. Studio Pro seemed like the easier option and I so I created a DVD of my White Rabbit narrative which links to the website that I had previously created for it. I will evaluate my artifact based on the findings of the DVD and the survey.

DVD menu plan:

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