Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client Project progress

The sound production for the General Store advert is now well under way.
I recorded the voice over with Jennifer King last week and it went well. Amazingly we were all done after about 2 hours. Jennifer didn't need much directing at all; she had good sense of pace and timing and understood when to add emphasis. At first I was concerned that her voice lacked character but now I am thinking that it fits the brief very well - sweet and young and should catch the ear of the target audience of students.

I have gathered and recorded other sound effects and am mixing a track for the conveyor belt. The latest version is below.
All that is left to record is the music - fixing a date when my musician and sound engineer are both free at a date when the studio is available has proved very difficult. I am currently waiting for Rob Squirrel to confirm that the studio will be available next monday during the holidays. If we cannot use the studio next week then I will use the easter holidays to fully complete all the versions of the advert minus the music and record the music as soon as we are back from easter. This would be cutting it finer than I wanted but is still perfectly feasible to complete before the deadline.

Other news is that Fairtrade want the advert to clarify the use of their logo much more precisely. Their general attitude is that with more work we would get approval however they are concerned that the store may not stock a high enough proportion of Fairtrade branded goods and that the advert refers to products which are both Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade. I think we can get the organisations approval (we must to avoid legal entanglements) However, I plan to complete a version of the advert which fits what I think they need, and also have a version that does not contain their mark in case they do not approve the version in time for the deadline.
This means some extra work but not too much as the large part of the versions of the adverts will be identical.

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