Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PRP artefact 6

I have started to create a DVD for my White Rabbit narrative in order to explore the possibility of a DVD (or CD-ROM) as a taster to a film, which links to the full film shown online. The idea is that the interactive experience of the DVD menus and sample clips becomes a hook into watching the full film, and with TV moving more and more to the internet, this idea seemed like a relevant experiment.
The problems I have encountered are that with the PC format using Adobe Encore there is no native support for hyperlinks from the DVD content to a web page. It has worked previously in conjunction with Sonic eDVD and a media player called InterActive player and despite this software being largely defunct I found a trial version of eDVD.

I thought I had found a solution and could still create a DVD menu which links to the web. I planned to build the DVD, burn several copies and send them to people to test. It meant they would have to install the InterActual player, which shouldn't have been too much trouble.
However......... I havn't been able to get the project to load in eDVD due to the player not working. A solution for other people with the same problem was to run any DVD player on the PC and therefore have the necessary codecs installed. This hasn't worked.

See my post on creativecow: http://forums.creativecow.net/readpost/55/859392

In not being able to user test what I have made, I have ended up with an artefact that is the same as the previous in terms of it's idea.
A bit stuck as to where the artefact is going at the moment ...

In the mean time, enjoy a screen shot of my new DVD menu:

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