Sunday, April 20, 2008

Portfolio progess

Following a couple of discussions about my portfolio design and content with Simon, Jules (see my old post) and Debs and Andy I have amended the design.
My old design listed all the projects indiscriminately (see here) and the problem as has been pointed out, is that my projects are not all specialising in one area and a prospective employer in video production may be put off in seeing web design or animation work. As Debs said, they may be tempted to go with the portfolio which shows pure specialisation in the skills they are after.
For the time being, I have split my portfolio into two sections (see here), one for AV production and one for design and animation. I
have also used it as an opportunity to implement some Flash work which is more industry typical in it's use.
However, I would like to be finding jobs which could support all areas which I enjoy - video, brand design and Flash animation. This job may be what I am describing and is on my list of SPP job applications:
My Client project is crossing these boundaries in a way as it is both animated and a full AV production at the same time. Debs and Andy pointed out that the use of Flash in this way is not typical to industry, and that Maya would more likely have been used.
Maya is now in the list of programs to learn.

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